[  #60 |  I Occur To Innocent Desert  ]

*awaiting proper photography

[  #60 |  Palm Pilot   |   I Occur To Innocent Desert  ]

[  9″ W x 9″ T x 4″ D  |   Square Canvas  |  Orange Acrylic   ]

[  Palm Pilot donated by John Jakus  |  Completed 2013  |  $150 ]

When I started install on my first solo show with the Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art, I had 59 pieces.  It bothered me the whole time that I didn’t have an even 60.  When we started planning the salon style installation, it went in chronological order and the first piece I made was a 6″ piece.  I really wanted the last piece to be the last, and 6″ as well.  I had the Palm Pilot taken apart in a baggie at home from a few months before so Amanda and I picked from the 6″ canvases I has already painted and I made this specifically to install for that show.  I love that.

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